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Bacterial Transcriptional Regulators

Within this research theme, we work more particularly on the following projects:

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  • Structural and functional studies of TetR-family transcriptional repressors

​          Lab members involved: Alex Fullwood & Michael Mangan

​          Relevant publications:  To come

  • Modelling and exploiting TetR-dependent biological circuits for the development of chemically inducible expression systems

​          Lab members involved: Miriam Rodriguez-Garcia & Daniel Taylor

​          Relevant publications:  

  • Identification and characterisation of transcription factor ligands/signalling molecules

​          Lab members involved: Alex Fullwood

​          Relevant publications:  

  • Characterisation of MmyB-family transcriptional activators and other transcriptional regulators

​          Lab members involved: Jehad Aldali, Daniel Robertshaw & Rohini Ajaykumar

​          Relevant publications:  To come

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